Woza eKhaya ‘WE’

Love good scenery? Maybe you fancy an exciting golf trip? Photos to rival Nat Geo? A wedding to make your friends green with envy? Or just a great place to get together with long-lost family?

WE’ can help you

Explore Southern Africa

WE have built up an extensive network within the Southern African region. From Zambia, through Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, to the tip of Africa in South Africa. Whether you like “glamping”, roughing it or 5-star luxury, WE can link you to the right safari for you.

What WE Enjoy

WE not only love our continent but have worked and travelled extensively. And WE have experience in business, design, photography and having FUN. WE also play golf, ride bicycles, motorbikes and love adrenaline-filled holidays as well as chilled, lazy days in the middle of nowhere…